My Bio
Work Experience
Director - No Limits  (Boise, ID, Sitka, AK, Tucson, AZ) 10/2005 - Current
Cutting edge not-for-profit diabetes adventure group  to encourage & inspire those with a challenging disease and to open up doors for new adventure opportunities and connect with other in the diabetes community.
Media 1 Driver/Film Assistant - Race Across America (Oceanside, CA to Annapolis, MD) 6/2015 - 7/2015
Driver for the lead media team for the Race Across America (RAAM).  Also assisted with filming and provided RAAM with photos and video.  
I currently live in the stunning Southwest, north of Tucson, Arizona.  Recently, I moved from an island city in the Last Frontier's temperate rainforest, Sitka, AK.  Quite a change....
With a seasonal job that just ended, I am looking for a new job challenge and part of the reason I have created this website.
My work bio would include a strong background in tourism, event planning, customer service, management, photography, non-profit organization and marketing.  
My adventure bio would include trail running, photography, video, hiking, canyoneering, bungee jumping, sky diving, base jumping, cycling, mountain biking and a number of other sports or activities.
I do have type 1 diabetes (38 years) and another reason for this site is to encourage, inspire and connect with the diabetes community.  I was a Medtronic Global Hero and am a current Minimed Ambassador.  Please contact me if you have questions or want to connect over future diabetes adventure events.  Being invovled in great events gives me immeasurable personal satisfaction, education and an opportunity to meet many gifted people!
Looking forward to the future - I am planning a Grand Canyon Rim-2-Rim Run this October (2015) with at least 1 other athlete with diabetes (Type 2).
An update on the Rim-2-Rim Run - Do to the other participant dropping out, I canceled the run with hopes of doing it in 2016.  Please let me know if you are interested.
Still in the planning stages, other upcoming  No Limits events include a canyoneering trip in Utah in the Spring of 2016 and a No Limits Sea Kayak Expedition in pristine Sitka, Alaska in the Summer of 2016 or 2017.  Please let me know if you are interested in joining us.
Director of Indoor El Tour - Perimeter Bicycling Association of America (Tucson, AZ) 7/2014 - 12/2014
Organized a world-wide event for the El Tour de Tucson bicycle ride.  Also, assisted with the El Tour de Tucson, Cochise County Cycling Classic and the El Tour Adventure Run.  Staff photographer.
Director of Visitor Services - Sitka Convention & Visitors Bureau (Sitka, AK) 1/2007 - 12/2013
Supervised 1 employee and up to 9 volunteers for 2 visitor centers.  Served our members with strong customer service.  Hosted numerous media and travel writers and was the staff photographer.  
Awards / Achievements
● Medtronic Global Heroes Award – Minneapolis, MN.
● MiniMed Ambassador – Medtronic Diabetes.
● Co-Author - 'Boise Backcountry Adventures' with Sandy Epeldi
● VIP Athlete Expert/Guest – North American Conference on Diabetes and Exercise -   
    San Diego, CA.
● Co-Creator of No Limits - To encourage & inspire those with diabetes!
● Director for 4 No Limits Sea Kayak Expeditions and No Limits  was involved in a Sea               Kayak Expedition with SAIL (Southeast Alaska Independent Living)   
● Steve Reifunstuhl Award at the Sitka Health Summit – Sitka, AK.
● Awarded funding from the Banff Film Fest Sitka that was applied toward our No
   Limits film "Sugar Free Ocean" – Sitka, AK.
● BBAD Cycling Tour (Border-to-Border-Against-Diabetes-Arizona to Idaho).
● Sitka Mountain Rescue – Sitka, AK.
● Honorable Mention: Lifescan Award for Athletic Achievement Award – Presented by
    DESA (Diabetes Exercise & Sports Association) – Philadelphia, PA.
● Bicycle Tour – Tucson, AZ to Yorktown, VA.
● Climbed Mt. Rainier (2x)
● Ran 1 Ultra Marathon and 3 Marathons
● Involved with the Race Across America (6 years)
● Top 8 & Top 24 (in my age group) for the Pepsi Hotshot Basketball Contest
● Invited by Red Bull to race for the Red Bull Team in the Divide and Conquer Race in               Durango, CO.
● Race Director/Creator - No Limits Sitka Sound Adventure Swim - Sitka, AK (5k/10k ocean       swim for the American Diabetes Association, Alaska)
● No Limits Film - 'Sugar Free Ocean' from a No Limits Sea Kayak Expedition - Sitka, AK   
● Director - Banff Mountain Film Festival - Sitka, AK
● Director - Radical Reels Film Festival-Banff Mountain Film Festival - Sitka, AK
● Co-Director - Rickshaw & Canyons Film Festival - Sitka, AK
● Go Fast Games - On the crew with Over the Edge Bungee for the bungee jump event - 
    Royal Gorge Bridge - Canon City, CO
● Cochise County Cycling Classic - AZ (165 miles)
● Challenge of the Chums Canoe Race - Kake, AK
● Alpine Adventure Run - Sitka, AK (2 years)
● Tour of the West bicycle tours - 2 years (approx. 3500 miles - car/bike)
● Pepsi Hotshot Basketball Competition (top 8 & top 24 in the nation in my age group)
● Sitka Mountain Rescue member - Sitka, AK
● Bicycle Messenger - Boise, ID
● Director for 2 No Limits 'Dive for Diabetes' Skydive Events - Caldwell, ID
● Director for the No Limits 'Over the Edge' bungee jump - Twin Falls, ID
● Terry Lorts Award - El Tour de Tucson - Tucson, AZ
● Director - No Limits Kayak Courses for People with Diabetes - Sitka, AK (through  
    SEARHC - STEPS to a Healthier Southeast Alaska 
● Sitka Sound Ocean Adventure Race (12 miles in a warrior canoe) - Sitka, AK  
● Helped create a No Limits Adventure Racing Team
● Co-Director for the No Limits Open Water Swim/Kayak Clinic
● El Tour de Tucson - 2 years (104 miles)


My Interests
   Photography                 Cycling
    Trail Running              Sky Diving
    Testing Gravity            Event Planning
    Hiking                          Base Jumping
    Mountain Climbing     Travel                    Adventure                     Reading                 Extreme Sports             Videography          Bungee Jumping           Filmmaking
    Mountain Biking          Kayaking