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For those that know me, they know that photography is a passion of mine and a key element in sharing my adventures, No Limits events and my life.  I currently live in Tucson, AZ which has been a gold mine for animal photography.  Also, I lead an adventurous life and I love to capture the  moments.
I do a lot of posting on Facebook:
Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing any of my photos.
Films / Filmmaking
In 2009 No Limits received funding from Banff Film Fest Sitka to create a film from one of our sea kayak expeditions for people with diabetes.  It is 52 minutes.  It is available on my youtube channel:
I am currently learning the craft of filmmaking as I work toward the next No Limits Film, tentatively, titled 'Alaskan Waters'.  It will be of another No Limits kayak expedition.  We had incredible weather, excellent characters, animals and a lot of fun.  It should be really good.  Please let me know if you would like a copy and/or link (no charge online).
Bungee Jumping Film
Kevin Hutchinson (Summit Digital) created a wonderful film from an Over the Edge Bungee jump off the Perrine Bridge (Twin Falls, ID).
Screen capture from the Perrine bungee film.
 (13 minutes and 45 seconds):
Sitka Sound Adventure Swim
In 2010 No Limits created a new and rather unique event for Alaska.  An open water swim in the Pacific Ocean.  Actually, a 10k/5k (6.2 mile/3.1 mile) event that benefited the American Diabetes Association.  Many of the participants swam 'naked'.  No wetsuit.

Photo by Jennifer Skoog (2010 SSAS)
Film (narration by Kristin Scotchmer):
In 2011 was the 2nd edition of the Sitka Sound Adventure Swim, again benefiting the American Diabetes Association.
Photo by Roberta White (2011 SSAS)
Film (narration by Tessa Fager):
In 2012 the Sitka Sound Adventure Swim was offered to the Baranof Barracuda Swim Club in Sitka, AK.  The event continues as the Change Your Latitude Open Water Challenge.

Opportunities seem to abound in my world for capturing great video.  Either No Limits events, wildlife, etc.  I have a youtube channel (davenevins) and currently have a ton of video (190+ at last count).  Lots of interesting, novel & somewhat unique videos.



Youtube:  davenevins








I had a very unique opportunity to be involved in a trail book project in Boise, Idaho.  Sandy Epeldi and I created 'Boise Backcountry Adventures'.  We covered over 1,000 miles of Idaho backcountry, etc.  We  ran all the trails except the canyoneering sections.  An amazing endeavor.  
Link to Sandy's wIebsite/book (he is also the author for local climbing books):






I will be featured in a coming book by Judith Amborsini called 'Point Men'.  From the Running on Insulin site:  https://runningoninsulin.theblogpress.com/point-men-by-judith-jones-ambrosini
After publishing my first book, The Sisterhood of Diabetes _ Facing Challenges & Living Dreams,  a collection of stories about strong and determined female athletes with diabetes, ages eight to ninety-four, who redefine past attitudes about diabetes as they motivate and inspire, I am now starting a new book, Point Men.  I invite you to be part of this book. 
This book will tell your story as one of the remarkable pioneers seeking and advocating excellent diabetes care before the tools and technology available to us today.  You set the pace.  You went out on a limb with sports or creative trial and error to live a healthy and successful life despite diabetes.  You are the role model for today’s generation of athletes, scientists and innovators in our diabetes community and should be recognized.  You are a Point Man.